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Mad HoneyMad honey hallucinating effect: Why does mad honey have hallucinating effect?
Rhododendron flower grayanotoxin

Mad honey hallucinating effect: Why does mad honey have hallucinating effect?

The bees found on the mountainous region around the altitude of 3000m to 3500m feed on special type of flower, rhododendron. The pollen grains of rhododendron contain grayanotoxin which causes hallucinating effect in human and in animal. The effect can vary dependent upon the individuals body structure, chemistry, adaptability tolerance and other things. Same effect may not be experienced by every individual.

More about the hallucinating effect of mad honey.

Nepal is a country of diverse landscapes. We do have a lot of hills and mountains in our country including the world’s highest Mount Everest. The giant bees producing hallucinating mad honey reside on the cliff of mountains. They build their hive in the cliff of mountains steep and inaccessible, where it is protected from direct sunlight and external predators. It is in Nepal and in Turkey where we find Mad Honey. The honey is produced by a rare species of bees known as Apis dorsata laboriosa. These giant bees fly up to 4200m in search of a specific type of rhododendron flower (Rhododendron luteum, Rhododendron ponticum). The flower Rhododendron is only found in higher altitudes. There happens to be around 700 species of rhododendron flowers, but only 2-3 have grayanotoxin in their nectars. The thing that is most fascinating is that the honey produced by bees has no any effect on them whereas the same thing can provide a lot more experience to human body. It causes hallucinating effect while consumed more than the recommended dose.

Mad honey may produce minor psychedelic effects (hallucinating effect) in small doses, resulting in sensations of relaxation and happiness. Larger doses, on the other hand, might result in more severe symptoms including nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, and in severe cases, heartbeat fluctuation. When it comes to crazy honey, it is best to consume it with caution.

Rhododendron flower grayanotoxin
Mad honey collection in bamboo basket

Besides this, honey has various medicinal values. The local indigenous community people have been using mad honey as a traditional medicine for centuries. They apply it to cut or wounds, the wounds heal quicker while applying mad honey. Mad honey is believed to be a powerful remedy for aching joints and stiff muscles. It also contains methylglyoxal, a compound that’s helpful in the recovery of intestinal infections. Its antioxidants can control cholesterol levels, lowering the danger of any cardiac risk. It is believed to increase your testosterone level. It is believed to improve your sleep cycle if taken before going to bed resulting in solving insomnia to large extent. Enzymes and its probiotic component contribute to the metabolism of sugars and complex carbs.

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