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What is mad honey ?

It’s a honey that is produced in the highlands of Nepal by giant bees (Apis  laboriosa) that pollinate a particular variety of rhododendron blooms; the honey is consumed for both its reputed medicinal benefits and for its hallucinogenic effects.

Doses and Intake

Each person’s experience with Mad Honey is incredibly different from everyone else’s due to their own body chemistry, genetics, tolerance, lifestyle, and surroundings. Depending on the purpose you’re using it for, your intake of mad honey dose varies.

If you are using Mad Honey for medicinal purposes, we recommend starting with 1 TEASPOON. It offers an array of therapeutic properties, encompassing improved blood circulation, immune system booster, effective antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant, natural antibiotic, metabolic, and sexual ability enhancement.

The mad honey dose can be increased to 1 tablespoon to experience its potency, but we highly advise against exceeding 2 tablespoons per intake because everyone reacts differently and the results may vary depending on body weight and tolerance.

How to consume mad honey?

Due to the potential psychotropic effects of Mad Honey, consumption should be done with caution.

To acquire the most benefits, consume mad honey straight from the jar. Mixing honey with hot or boiling liquids will bleach it and destroy its unique properties.


There is no specific time to consume mad honey, however, its grayanotoxin content might cause hallucinations. As a result, we recommend that you consume it before going to bed.

What to expect instant?​

After taking Mad Honey, the effects begin to manifest 25 to 40 minutes later. 

A shift in consciousness, mild relaxation, stress reduction, potential mood enhancement, influx of energy, elation, and a change in the brightness and color of things are all possible.


Your sleep cycle and sleep quality may be enhanced. It will take you 20 minutes to fall asleep after you consume it at night.


On an empty stomach, the effects are best experienced.
CAUTION : Do Not Mix Honey With Alcohol.

How Can I Order?

Please click on Shop at the navigation menu on the website. It will redirect you to honey products. Select your preferred product and the quantity which then will be added to your cart. The payment options will be provided to you on the process of check out from the cart page. You will have multiple options for payment. For any confusion please mail us at

Why is mad honey so expensive?

Mad Honey is harvested from bees residing above 3500m on the cliff of Himalayas in Nepal. The native people risk their life climbing the top, descending the cliff with the help of bamboo ladder, reaching at the perfect spot for extracting the mad honey. The ancient approach is challenging and again the honey is rare, found only in limited places.  There is only one season for harvesting the mad honey which makes it limited production. It poses various medicinal values so the demand is very high. Besides these, collection, transportation, packaging and getting it to your door steps are other sequential activities. These all factors contribute to mad honey being a bit expensive than regular honey.

Is mad honey legal?

Mad honey is completely legal anywhere in the globe.

Do you run honey hunting expeditions?

Yes, we do. We provide people a lifetime opportunity to closely experience ancient traditional approach of mad honey extraction. You can book yours by selecting the honey hunting expedition tab from the navigation menu above.

Do you ship International?

Yes, we do. Every order comes with the free delivery scheme all over the world.

Is VAT/Custom Charged while getting it in my Country?

There will be no issues for people ordering it for personal use.

What are the medical benefits of mad honey?

Its antioxidants can control cholesterol levels, lowering the danger of any cardiac risk
Presence of Vitamin C, defends against cell deterioration and fights against aging.
Mad honey is a powerful remedy for aching joints and stiff muscles.
 It also contains methylglyoxal, a compound that's helpful in the recovery of intestinal infections.
Enzymes and its probiotic component contribute to the metabolism of sugars and complex carbs

Is the honey lab tested?

Yes, the honey is lab tested.Our Mad Honey is certified Himalayan Wild Honey from Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal and tested by National Food Laboratory.

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