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What is Mad Honey ?

It is a honey that gigantic bees (Apis  laboriosa) pollinate a rare type of rhododendron blossom found in the mountains of Nepal above 3500 meters; the honey is used for both its claimed medical advantages and for its psychedelic effects. 

To obtain the most potent form of  honey and to guarantee the highest quality, we only collect once a year during the rhododendron season.


  • Its antioxidants can control cholesterol levels, lowering the danger of any cardiac risk.
  • Mad honey is a powerful remedy for aching joints and stiff muscles.
  • It defends against cell deterioration and fights against aging because it contains vitamin C and  antioxidants. 
  •  It also contains methylglyoxal, a compound that’s helpful in the recovery of intestinal infections.
  • Enzymes and its probiotic component contribute to the metabolism of sugars and complex carbs.


To get the raw and unprocessed flavour of mad honey

For a stronger and higher quality, we harvest only once a year.

Certification from the Government of Nepal.

We want to make our honey available to a broader audience while keeping costs affordable.

Let our Honey awaken your senses, igniting the spark of creativity and adventure within you.

Crafted by honey hunters, cherished by connoisseurs. Mad Honey, a delicacy born from bravery and skill.

Discover the sweetness that nature hides in the most daring places. Mad Honey, a taste like no other.

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